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List of 96 Maratha Casts and Interesting History behind them.

Providing a detailed history and interesting facts about all 96 Maratha clans mentioned would be quite extensive, but I can offer you a brief overview and a few interesting facts about some of the prominent Maratha clans. Here’s some information on a selection of these clans:

Bhonsle: The Bhonsle clan was one of the most prominent among the Marathas and ruled over the Nagpur region. Shivaji Bhonsle, the founder of the Maratha Empire, belonged to this clan.

Holkar: The Holkars were rulers of the Indore region and played a significant role in the Maratha Confederacy. They were known for their valor and the expansion of their territory.

Scindia: The Scindia clan was prominent in the Gwalior region. They were influential in the politics of northern India and played a key role in the Maratha Empire.

Gaikwad: The Gaikwads were rulers of the Baroda (Vadodara) state in Gujarat. They were known for their patronage of art, culture, and education.

Powar (Pawar): The Pawar clan was associated with the Satara region and was part of the Maratha Empire. They were known for their martial traditions and administrative skills.

Rane: The Rane clan has a significant presence in Maharashtra. Some members of this clan have been prominent in Indian politics.

Jadhav (Yadav): The Jadhavs are descendants of the Yadav community and were part of the Maratha Confederacy. They had a strong martial tradition.

Shinde: The Shinde clan was influential in the northern regions of India and held positions of power in the Maratha Empire.

Chavan: The Chavans have a long history in the Maratha community and have made notable contributions in various fields.

Mohite: The Mohite clan played an important role in the administration and military of the Maratha Empire.

More: The More clan has a presence in various parts of Maharashtra and is known for its contributions to society.

Kadam: The Kadam clan is found in different parts of Maharashtra and has contributed to the culture and heritage of the region.

Nimbalkar: The Nimbalkars have a historical presence in Maharashtra and were part of the Maratha power structure.

Ghorpade: The Ghorpades were associated with the Kolhapur region and had an influential role in the administration.

Deshmukh: The Deshmukhs were local revenue collectors and administrators in various regions of Maharashtra.

Shirke: The Shirke clan has a strong historical presence in the Maratha community and has made contributions to various fields.

These are just a few of the prominent Maratha clans, and each clan has its own unique history, contributions, and cultural significance. The Maratha community has a rich and diverse heritage, and the history of these clans is intertwined with the broader history of the Maratha Empire and its impact on India’s history and culture.

The Marathas are an Indian warrior caste primarily from the western region of India, historically associated with the Maratha Empire. It’s important to note that there are many sub-castes and clans within the broader Maratha community. Listing all of them would be an extensive task, but I can provide you with a list of some prominent Maratha clans and surnames. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many more Maratha surnames and clans:

1. Bhonsle
2. Holkar
3. Scindia
4. Gaikwad
5. Powar (Pawar)
6. Rane
7. Jadhav (Yadav)
8. Shinde
9. Chavan
10. Mohite
11. More
12. Kadam
13. Nimbalkar
14. Ghorpade
15. Deshmukh
16. Shirke
17. Bhosale
18. Patil
19. Salunkhe
20. Mane
21. Aher
22. Jadhav
23. Nimbalkar
24. Deshmukh
25. Shirke
26. Pawar
27. Bhosale
28. Mohite
29. Ghatge
30. Desai
31. Raje
32. Raut
33. Sawant
34. Patil
35. Munde
36. Gavasane
37. Nalawade
38. Shinde
39. Dabhade
40. Dange
41. Ghorpade
42. Kadam
43. Kate
44. Dafle
45. Kamble
46. Salvi
47. Javale
48. Jagdale
49. Thite
50. Bhoir
51. Wagh
52. Kamble
53. Nalavade
54. Phalke
55. Kamble
56. Chavan
57. Koli
58. Sonawane
59. Shinde
60. Gaikwad
61. Suryawanshi
62. Gite
63. Chauhan
64. Chavhan
65. Dev
66. Wad
67. Yewale
68. Kate
69. Kolekar
70. Holkar
71. Chitale
72. Kapadnis
73. Javadekar
74. Kelkar
75. Kulkarni
76. Shirke
77. Shewale
78. Yadav
79. Patil
80. Sutar
81. Tamboli
82. Gavandi
83. Suryavanshi
84. Mahadik
85. Chougule
86. Khedkar
87. Murkute
88. Chikankar
89. Kumbhar
90. Chitale
91. Desai
92. Kapase
93. Gite
94. Koli
95. Sonawane
96. Shinde

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many more Maratha surnames and clans across different regions of India. The Maratha community is diverse, and the surnames may vary based on regional and cultural factors.


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