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unicode to Anu and What is unicode?



world before Unicode

In a general sense, PCs simply manage numbers. They store letters and different characters by relegating a number for every one. Before Unicode was designed, there were several distinct frameworks, called character encodings, for allocating these numbers.
These early character encodings were restricted and couldn’t contain enough characters to cover all the world’s dialects. In any event, for a solitary language like English no single encoding was satisfactory for all the letters, accentuation, and specialized images in like manner use.
Early character encodings likewise tangled with each other. That is, two encodings could utilize a similar number for two distinct characters, or utilize various numbers for a similar character.
Some random PC (particularly servers) would need to help various encodings. In any case, when information is gone through various PCs or between various encodings, that information risks debasement.


World after unicode

The Unicode Standard gives an extraordinary number to each character, regardless of what stage, gadget, application or language. It has been received by all cutting edge programming suppliers and now permits information to be moved through a wide range of stages, gadgets and applications without defilement.
Backing of Unicode structures the establishment for the portrayal of dialects and images in all major working frameworks, web indexes, programs, workstations, and advanced cells—in addition to the Internet and World Wide Web (URLs, HTML, XML, CSS, JSON, and so forth.).
Supporting Unicode is the most ideal approach to execute ISO/IEC 10646. The development of the Unicode Standard and the accessibility of instruments supporting it are among the most noteworthy ongoing worldwide programming innovation patterns

conversion of Unicode to Anu code and What is anu?

Roboto is the textual style utilized on ANU sites – for body text, menus, pennants and that’s just the beginning. The fall-back textual styles are, all together, Arial and sans-serif.
Helvetica Neue is the text style utilized for print distributions. It must be utilized on the web by means of pictures and is along these lines not suggested.Text is charcoal-dim as a matter of course, however the full arrangement of University and College hues can be applied utilizing the important content classes.