Here, I am going to provide all pdf
Go Green , Don’t waste papers ,just download this,
make this ganapati eco-friendly

list of aarti

  1. sukhkarta dukhharta (ganapati)
  2. Lavthavti vikrala (shankar)
  3. Durge durgat Bhari (Devi)
  4. Yuge atthavis (vitthal)
  5. Aarti saprem (Dashavtar)
  6. yei ho vitthale (vitthal)
  7. Aarti dyanaraja (dyanadev)
  8. Aarti Tukarama (Tukaram)
  9. Aarti Saibaba (Saibaba)
  10. ghalin lotangan (prarthana)
    here is the pdf blogsbro aarti

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